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Hand Over Those Master Emeralds by Dr-InSean Hand Over Those Master Emeralds by Dr-InSean

Wowzers!  Two Sanics in almost the same day!?  What is going ON!?

This one came from a strange place.  I wanted to see if I could make something like this, which led me to this and became this (Ain't I a stinker?).  I...Am not good at following directions.

This was originally supposed to be a first-person view of a human body, but the boobs looked like they were too far away to be up-close to the POV.  There was no way I could draw a human head, so I took some time to think about something that was in my skill level...A plain circle...And only because Illustrator can make it for me.  Fortunately, most Mobians have round heads, so I was able to turn this strange circle creature into Rouge the Bat.

After Rouge was decided, it was obvious that the fist had to be Knuckles' and I drew an emerald falling out of her hand.  It was a complete Emerald and I figured it could be the Master Emerald in its shrunken form, but I thought that would cause too much confusion and kill the experience of the picture.  I decided to draw Master Emerald shards and a little bit later, making the background into the Meteor Herd battle felt natural.

This is a bit of a rarity among Rouge pictures, isn't it?  Whenever she's drawn fighting, she's normally winning, or at least holding her own.  Well, a little variety doesn't hurt and, to be fair, this is Knuckles' job.


- You should be able to see Knuckles' nose or something, but I intentionally left it out.  I wanted the focus to be on Rouge and thought that including too much of Knuckles would obscure parts of her body and detract attention from her.

- Rouge's legs were supposed to standing underneath her, but they look kinda like they're stretched out in front of her, don't they?  I wasn't as good at recreating Chun Li's legs as I thought and didn't realize it until I was nearly done.  I tried stretching her legs out all the way to make it look like she was getting sent flying from the punch, but that would have stretched the picture out so much that I would have NEEDED to draw Knuckles' head.  Since I still felt that Knux's head would distract too much, I decided to keep Rouge's legs as-is.

- I would have liked to put more empty space at the bottom of the picture, so that the punch would be better-centered in the scene, but that too would have necessitated Knuckles' head, so I decided to just leave the borders where they are.

- Moral of the story is: "Screw you Knuckles.  Get out of my picture of Knuckles punching Rouge."
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SonicGMI-22 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2017  Student Digital Artist
:iconsegaknucklesplz: Hand over those Master Emerald!
Dr-InSean Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2017
:iconsegarougeplz::iconsaysplz: Very well.  If that's the how you wanna play, I will take it from give it to you!
Elbeno62 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Man, That Must Have Been A Powerful Blow To The Chest For Rouge :D
Dr-InSean Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017
More like the gut...Though, I'm guessing Rouge don't care to split hairs at the moment.  Maybe this'll teach her to steal from people who can shatter diamonds with her fists.

Thank you for the fave!
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March 26, 2017
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