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With Autumn on the rise, overcast days were more abundant and the sunshine scarce.  One would have a hard time telling that, however, as certain Raichu had so much energy and such a sunny disposition that she was practically glowing.

"OhmygoshohmygoshohmyGOOOOOOSH!" She exclaimed incoherently as she ran through a wooded area to find a clearing.  "Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for coming with me today, Kama!  I can't wait to finally show you my moves!"

Asuka ran up the side of a tree, grabbed onto a low-lying branch and hung from it.  She turned to face her Sceptile companion, who was following her on this day (for Arceus knows what reason).


(Oh Arceus knew why...even if he didn't understand for one moment)

Kamala, even with her long legs, had to work to keep up with Asuka.  She came to an easy stop in front of the tree her Raichu companion was hanging from and smiled.

"You're welcome.  I'm keen to see what you can do, plus I can learn something from this as well."  Kamala was at face level with the Raichu without having to squat.  The branch was the prefect height for their conversation.

"Do you think this is the area?  Or should we keep looking?"  Kamala still wasn't one hundred percent sure what they were looking for.  "There are some rocks and stumps around, but if these aren't tough enough I can understand."  Kamala cocked her head.


Asuka gently kicked her legs back and forth to start swinging on her branch.

"Not quite yet.  There's a clearing just a few feet away with a bigger stump that even has branches.  It's just like the Wooden Dolls martial artists train on!  I can show you some close-range Muay Thai and some far-range Tae Kwon Do on it!"

"The part I use is pretty close to the ground, but it's actually a big stump...Like, it's pretty much a full tree, but without branches at the top.  I figure you can climb it if you get bored."  Asuka's swing arcs had gotten considerably wider since she started swinging.  "It's just a little bit farther that way.  Now...CATCH ME!"

With that, Asuka flew from her branch towards Kamala, spinning and flipping through the air like some kind of insane hedgehog.


Kamala was able to catch Asuka.  "You have been captured now..."  She put Asuka over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes.  "I shall go to the location you mentioned."  Kamala began walking.

This was actually quite convenient.  Kamala could move at the pace she preferred and get a minor work out carrying Asuka.

"And here we are."  Kamala did a twirl so Asuka could get a 360 degree view of the area.  "This is the right location, mel?"


Asuka got a little dizzy twirling around with her stomach on Kamala's shoulder.  Was she gonna burp something up?...No, she's good.

"Yep, this is the place!"  Asuka cheered as she laid her eyes on the big stump a few feet away.

Asuka started to playfully kick her legs and lightly pound Kamala's back, play-acting as a feisty damsel.

"Now put me down, you big oaf.  How dare you carry a lady like this?  Hee hee hee hee..."


"As you command warrior lady."  Kamala gently put Asuka down.

Kamala looked at the stump.  "It is an odd looking bit of tree, but I see what you were talking about, mel."  Kamala put her hands up like she was framing a photograph.  "Yes it does kinda look like something from a karate classroom."


Asuka rotated her arm to warm it up for training.

"I know, right?"  Asuka agreed with Kamala agreeing with her.  "Kinda weird how nature can give you EXACTLY what you need sometimes, right?"

Asuka walked up to the branches on the stump, but kept a few feet away, like she was sizing her target up.


Kamala took a seat on the rock nearby. "Nature can be a truly trippy thing, mel. Take your time and warm up. I don't want you to get hurt."


Asuka grinned as she rubbed her nose like cocky anime characters do.  Because she's cocky and watches too much anime.

"Don't worry about that.  I can fight in my sleep!...Which is actually kind of a problem.  Gawain and I had a sleepover once and I accidentally punched him...Even though I was in my bed and he was on the floor...I--I don't really know how it happen--WATCH THIS!"

Asuka broke up her own awkward stammering by running towards the stump branches.  One branch was at Asuka's knee-level, another at arm-level and the third just around head-level.  When Asuka got closer to the branches, she hopped.

A Jump Spinning Outside Crescent Kick to the lowest branch.  A Jump Spinning Roundhouse Kick to the middle branch.  A Jump Spinning Hook Kick to the highest branch.

Unlike in that reference video, however, Asuka's forward momentum kept her moving towards the stump.  When she reached the stump, she broke her momentum by delivering a swift knee to it's "face," for lack of a better word.

One kick-off later, she was in the air again and landing on her feet.

Asuka turned to her reptilian friend and flashed the closest thing a Raichu can give to a thumbs-up.

"How was that?"


Kamala blinked and then began to applaud her rodent companion.  "That was great Asuka." She grinned.


Asuka grabbed her tail tightly and bit the lightning bolt at the end to stifle her giggling.  A few bounces up and down later, she seemed to have regained her composure.

“Tha--THANK YOU SO MUCH!”  On the other hand, maybe she didn’t regain her composure.

Asuka started kicking at an imaginary opponent.  She kept her hands up by her head, but never used them to punch or block.  Whatever this imaginary opponent was doing, Asuka seemed intent on giving him or her as little room as possible and made sure to keep them on the defensive.

“Tae Kwon Do focuses mostly on kicks.”  Asuka explained as she sparred with her phantom.  “In TKD, you chamber your legs before kicking to give ‘em extra power, but also to keep your opponents guessing what kick you’re gonna throw out next.  You also move as much as possible.  TKD’s got blocking techniques like everyone else, but this style feels the best defense is to make sure your opponent can never hit you.”

Asuka stopped fighting her opponent (who was probably covered in imaginary bruises by now) and started rubbing her head.

“Aw man!  There’s so much I gotta say about TKD, I can barely think!”  Not that thinking was ever Asuka’s strongsuit.


"You're welcome and Tae Kwon focuses more on kicking?  Hitmonlee's must be masters at that sort of fightning style, mel."

Kamala looked at her legs.  "I guess I'd be good at that.  I've got long claws and long legs, plus my arms already have weapons."  Kamala held up said appendages, by each wrist were two small leaf buds.  "Also, mel, take a deep breath and explain it to me like...."  Kamala rubbed her chin.  "Explain it to me how you would explain it to someone that doesn't know much about fighting...a student.  Therefore you are my sensi."  She grinned.


"Student?  Sensei?"

Asuka’s eyes widened.  She clutched her tail tight.  She grit her teeth.  She slowly, but loudly, breathed in and out of her nose.  Just when it seemed she couldn’t get any weirder…she got weirder.

"Kama-Deshiiiiiiiiiii! "  Asuka squeeled in joy as she jumped at Kamala and latched onto her chest with her arms and legs.  Like a Xenomorph Facehugger, but hugging Kamala’s chest instead of her face.  And transmitting love rather than bizarre alien babies

"Mmmphumumphmmmph! "  Asuka’s excited exclamations were muffled as she nuzzled her face into Kamala’s shoulder.


At first Kamala was worried Asuka was going to explode or pop from her actions.  The Raichu was behaving more like a Voltorb in the middle of an anxiety attack, but before Kamala could ask if she had offended or upset her companion Asuka moved.  Had Kamala been any smaller and Asuka any larger it was more than likely that Kamala would have lost her seat on the rock.  Still she had gone back quite far due to the 'attack'.  In the midst of her trying to understand what had just happened a sort of purrish or cooing sound got her attention.

Kamala didn't even know Raichu's could purr.

Now at least she could understand.  This was a large, somewhat spazzed, bear hug.  Kamala grinned and hugged the Raichu back as hugs were the best.  The sceptile chuckled warmly while embracing Asuka.


"Heh heh heh. "  Asuka chuckled as she pulled her face off of Kamala.  "Sorry.  Not a lot of people in town like martial arts, so I guess I got a little excited. "

As nice as the hug was, Asuka disengaged herself from it so that she could make her next point.

"But to answer your questions, Bruce 'the Hitmon' Lee got his lightning-fast kicks from Tae Kwon Do; not every Hitmonlee uses TKD, but it’s definitely popular with them.  And, oh my gosh, you would be great at TKD because…"

Asuka froze in her tracks when she realized that she was about to lecture Kamala like a parent…when she was sitting on her lap like a child.  Asuka hopped off her reptilian friend and sat down on the ground in a meditative position that she saw on a TV show…that probably didn’t portray meditation accurately.

"Ahem.  I was saying that TKD needs you to chamber your legs and fire them out for maximum power.  When you throw those kicks, though, you need to keep your balance and make sure your feet give you a good, solid base so that you don’t fall over.  I’ve seen you climbing and posing enough to know you’re VERY limber and balanced on your feet!  But there’s something else about you…"

Asuka rubbed her temples to collect her thoughts.


Kamala listened and was a bit confused when Asuka got up, but when she started speaking again the Sceptile listened attentively.  "Something else...something else. "  She tapped her claws together.  "Oh maybe it's because I know Arial Ace, I tend to land on my feet when using it unless I've just done Leaf Blade.  Or it could be the fact that I just have long legs?  My feet were the first things you noticed when we met after all."  Kamala shrugged.


Asuka’s ears perked up.

“That’s it!”  She exclaimed with a smile.

She pointed to the sky.  “Won.”

She touched the ground.  “Bang.”

She grabbed her chest around the heart.  “Gak.”

“The Korean philosophies behind Tae Kwon Do say that Won is Sky, Bang is Earth and Gak is spirit.  In TKD, Bang gives you stable footing and Won gives you flexibility.  All three elements are important, but Gak gives us something that Won and Bang don’t.”

Asuka stood up and started doing some movements reminiscent of Tai Chi…Horribly stereotypical versions of Tai Chi, mind you.

“Gak gives us swiftness, power and…um…the ability to...think about things.”  Asuka stumbled as she failed to conceive the word ‘insight.’

“Like, you’re a Grass-Type, but you taught yourself a move that you’re weak against.  It helps you fight Flying-Types AND gives you an advantage over Bug-Types, which you’re also weak against.  You don’t just rush into a fight like an idiot, but you don’t run away from tough opponents either.  Gak means you know what kind of moves to use and how to use ‘em.  You’re not just smart and skilled enough to throw a kick, but you’re smart and skilled enough to outsmart your opponent.”

Asuka stood on one foot and kept her leg chambered as if she was going to throw a kick.

“So, like, you’re balanced enough to stand on one foot, you’re flexible enough to throw kicks and you’re fast enough on your feet and fast enough in your head to really know how to throw the kicks, keep opponents guessing and always keep your attacks and defenses up so that they can’t get to you.”

Asuka put her foot down and rubbed the back of her head.

"Sorry, this is kind of a big topic.  Did any of that make sense?"


Kamala eyes widened at Asuka's sudden outburst, but her eyes remained wide as the Raichu explained Tae Kwon Do.  She leaned forward like a child hearing a fairytale or hearing their favorite story.  Her tail swished with Asuka's words and lashed her tail quickly when Asuka moved or shouted.  When Asuka stopped talking all the information caught up to Kamala and she realized many things.

"Wow....I only learned Aerial Ace because I thought it would get me around town or the islands faster...never thought of the advantages."  She rubbed the back of her head.  Kamala tapped her chin and blinked.  "Can you...I mean would you teach me?  I wouldn't expect it to be for nothing, but this fighting style is probably a better fit for me than the basic wrestling stuff I know."

The Sceptile then got up and mimicked Asuka's earlier stance.


Asuka was about to jump into another tirade of terms and spastic movements but when she heard Kamala's request to teach her, Asuka froze in her tracks.

For almost a minute, actually.

When Asuka finally blinked out of her stunned silence, she quickly turned her back to Kamala.  She bit down on the lightning bolt on her tail and let out a muffled scream.  When she felt she let out all of her excitement, she turned back to Kamala.  With her back straight, her shoulders broad, arms folded behind her back and eyes closed, she finally said something coherent to her Sceptile friend.

"After giving it some thought, I decided that...I WOULD LOVE TO TEACH YOU!  THANKYOUSOMUCHYOUWON'TREGRETIT!"

Asuka ran towards Kamala and wanted to hug her, but she stopped just a few steps shy of her goal and froze again.  Realizing that she was going to set a bad example as a newly-appointed Boo Sa Bum Nim, she tried to resume a regular standing position without making it awkward...but the whole "screaming like a fangirl, running and then stopping for no reason" pretty much brutally killed any attempt at grace.

"Um...I mean, I can teach you what I know, if you want. wanna start now or start later or something?  Whatever works for you."


Kamala blinked and cocked her head.  Asuka was certainly unusual, but Kamala wasn't quite sure what normal was with anyone let alone this particular Raichu.  As for time, Kamala tapped her chin thinking for a moment.  She thought about where as well, as winter was around the corner.  Her place! Wait...

Her eyes widened her place!  She still hadn't unboxed everything!

"We can start once I finish unpacking, I still haven't finished doing that, mel."  Kamala rubbed the back of her head.  "I've been putting it off for too long plus it will give us a training space."


"Wait, unpack?"  Asuka asked  "I mean, of course you unpack things!  Everyone unpacks things!"

Asuka rubbed the back of her head and looked at her feet.  Her house was a disgusting pigsty with no furniture except the bed it came with.  Kamala was some kind of super-adult who not only had stuff, but was grown-up enough to pack it.  Asuka hadn't even started teaching Kamala and she already worrying about her credentials. long as they train at Kamala's house and NEEEEEEVER go to her own house, things should be fine.

"Alrighty!"  Asuka cheered up as she looked back up at Kamala.  "Our first mission as student and teacher: Packing things!...Sorry, unpacking things!"


Kamala blinked.  "Really?  You'd help me unpack?  Maybe with someone helping I can finish this time."  Kamala  smiled and gave a sheepish laugh.  "Still thank you."  The Sceptile nodded.

Kamala pulled out her watch.  "When and what time did you want to come over?"


"I'd love to help!  I mean, not like we can train until we put all your things away, heh heh."  Asuka joked.

Asuka looked at the imaginary watch on her wrist.

"Well...I'm kinda hungry now and I don't know how much time we have left today.  Ya wanna start it tomorrow around...uh...Whatever time you want?"


"Let's start tomorrow say around 1 or maybe the next day at the same time."  Kamala smiled.

"Don't sweat too much on it, mel.  Those boxes aren't going anywhere."  Kamala laughed a tad sheepishly.


"Alright!  Sounds awesome!"  Asuka approved as she flashed a thumbs-up despite not having a thumb.

"I'll see ya at 1 tomorrow.  Guess we can meet up here since we both know where this spot is and I wouldn't remember how to get to your house if you told me."

Asuka turned to walk away but stopped when an idea came to her.

"Y'knoooow...We could hang out at my house, if you wanted.  I got a movie called Kick Fighter that shows Jean Claude Ma Choke throwing alotta kicks.  The movie’s about him learning Muay Thai, but Ma Choke did practice TKD in real life and you can see it in his moves.  I mean, it's not a great movie, but it might give you some ideas on kicking and balance or something.  Y'know, if you wanted to."

No sooner did Asuka invite Kamala to her house did she remember that she was trying to keep Kamala away from her house because of its shoddy condition.  Asuka didn't retract the invitation, but her eye twitched and her lips grimaced as soon as she realized what she did.


Kamala saw the twitch.  Did Asuka need to sneeze?  Then she remembered her mother once did that when her father tried to bring friends over and that was because the house was a complete and ut- oh......

"That's alright, we can watch it next time.  Maybe you can bring it over and we can watch it once we finish unboxing all my stuff?"


Asuka's heart practically jumped out of her chest when she heard Kamala's merciful words.

"OhthankArc...Uh, I mean, no problem.  Prolly better to get a good night's sleep before we do all that work tomorrow, heh heh.  I'll see you here tomorrow then."

Asuka waved goodbye to Kamala, her heart only now calming down after the narrowly-averted crisis, before turning around to head back to the slovenly shack she calls a house.
Word Count: 3,067


This is the first part of a roleplay I'm doing with LunaSheWolf.  Asuka and Kamala Mele decide to improve each others lives by exchanging their knowledge of martial arts and yoga.  Before they start their new lives, however, they must face a terrifying obstacle few have ever survived...unpacking luggage!

This is a pretty long RP and it's still going on, so we have to upload it in small doses so that we don't crash deviantART, or your attention span.
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