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DaftersUnite Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
Hey! Your Asuka and Lili!
I LOVE Tekken!
And I love your comic you do with Kanna-Maru X3
Dr-InSean Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
A fellow Tekken fan!  Awesome opossum!  Who's your favorite character, if you don't mind my asking?  I fell in love with Yoshimitsu the second I saw him back in Tekkken 3.  I should note, however, that the Lili and Asuka pictures were drawn by Elyas11; he just lets me post them to my gallery.

Thank you kindly!  We hope to start drawing Superburbs after Chapter 3 of MSRDP is finished...well, a "pilot issue" for Superburbs anyway.  In any event, I hope you enjoy it!
DaftersUnite Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
Oh, well, I'll go to Elyas11's account soon and tell them talented they are!

Oh, well, I'm only 13, so I only played Tekken 5, 6, and Tag 2.

My absolute favourite of all time is Leo Kliesen.
She's a badass, strong tomboy. It's so cool!
She's like my role-model haha.

Oh, I also LOVE Tiger Jackson. But unfortunately, he's not really in the series ;-;
Dr-InSean Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
I'm sure he'll be glad to hear it.  If you like Dragon Ball Z you're really gonna like his gallery.

Wowzers, I'm so not used to meeting people who aren't as old as me.  You haven't played all of the games, but 5 was kind of a weird game for me.  1-3 were a mix of realism and fantasy/sci-fi (as "realistic" as a game about robots, demons and cyborg ninja could get anyway).  Then in 4, they took out almost all of the fantastic elements and made it a surprisingly realistic game (still had a cyborg ninja in it, but it was still more grounded than anything before it).  I thought the realistic approach was gonna be how the rest of the series would go, but then 5...well, you know what happened from there.  I was very surprised and a little confused when I saw that opening cutscene for the first time...not that it made Kazuya and Heiachi tearing through Jacks any less awesome.

I've never played as Leo, but I like her story.  Conspiracies, revenge, Batman gadgets; what more could you want?  I also like that she's not SUPER POWERFUL AND INVINCIBLE like a lot of other characters are.  In Tekken 4, people with guns were actually a big deal, but Tekken 5 put a stop to that and it kinda felt like every character was invincible.  Seeing Leo's TTT2 ending was actually a breath of fresh air and made her more interesting; sometimes, fighting people who are stronger than you is more badass than being strong yourself.  The only thing I don't like about Leo is that some people insist on calling her a guy even though everyone should know by now that she's a she; kinda feels like they don't like her for who she is.

Tiger always looked cool, especially in TTT2.  I actually wouldn't mind getting rid of Eddy for Tiger, especially since Eddy's taken such a serious backseat to Christie these days (Eddy actually debuted in 3 but Christie didn't show up until 4).

Have you seen any of the Tekken movies?  The first one is...uh, pretty bad, but the other two were actually pretty cool.  I think the live-action movie gets more flack than it deserves.
DaftersUnite Featured By Owner May 21, 2014
Some characters are overpowered and I hate it.
Like Dr. Bosconovitch in TTT2 (not op.... just spammed.)
And Jun and Asuka at times...
Nina and Anna can be annoying too, if you verse spammers.

Leo, in my opinion, is super duper cool~~~
Eleonore Kliesen is amazing!

Oh, I hate that too! Leo Kliesen is a girl.... Accept the fact, everyone!
I'm told I'm a tomboy so.... Yeah, apparently I can relate to her haha.....

I love Tiger way more than Eddy.
I'm glad I'm not the only one.....
Tiger's so free, smooth, funky and makes me so happy.
And then there's Eddy. He's so serious.....
Don't get me wrong! I LOVE Eddy as well! Just not as much as Tiger~~

Well, I've seen half of the dubbed anime, oh that was awful.....
Need to find the subbed but I can't find it.
And I really want to watch the Tekken movie, I just don't know where or how D:
Dr-InSean Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
I don't fight other players often, but there's definitely characters out there that are way too easy to spam with.  Hwoarang and Baek can get pretty bad in the right hands (one guy I fought knew how to do this ax kick that he used to make sure I never got up off the ground; that was annoying).  My friend and I always felt that Anna and Nina could get annoying if the AI used them; glad we weren't the only ones.  I've never faced another player who used Asuka, so my only experience with her is AI.  AI doesn't get too bad with her, but I can definitely see her being a pain what with all of her quick combos that seamlessly mix high and low attacks.  Jun...UGH!  Jun is an A-HOLE in TTT2!

One thing that kinda weirds me out about Eddy is just how serious he is.  The first thing anybody saw about him was his wacky dance-fighting...but then he has such a serious backstory.  I mean, I like serious backstories more than goofy ones, but it just seems kinda weird on a guy who breakdances and handstands during fights.  Seems he only gets more serious over time what with his story in Tekken 6.  I guess Eddy's just destined to lead an unhappy life.

Some people are still confused over Leo's gender (or just really don't want to admit the truth), but it seems a lot more are confused over Yoshimitsu in general.  Yoshi's been my Number One Guy since Day 1, but I never see anyone else use him.  A while back, I was training online for this tournament I was going to.  Not ONCE did I fight another Yoshi or Kunimitsu.  Plenty of Steves, but no Mitsus.  Then, when I finally got to the tournament, people literally dropped their jaws when I busted out some Mitsu combos, like they never saw these characters before!  One guy couldn't believe just how much spinning the characters did and my favorite exclamation of the day was "She can breathe fire!?" (part of a Kunimitsu combo).  I wound up winning that tournament, bringing some much-needed respect to the Manji Clan.

Heh heh heh.  Yeah, you're not missing anything in the other half except more awful...And a funky strut the P. Jacks do.  My friend actually has or had the dubbed version on VHS.  It was bad and all of our favorite characters were just background people.

The live action movie is MUCH better; it's actually good!  Some characters have their backstories played with and some characters you wouldn't expect make into the movie while more popular characters don't, but it's actually a decent movie.  Despite how WEIRD the Tekken franchise is, it actually does a good job of following current story trends and is fun story unto itself.  The CGI movie Blood Vengeance was also good, but really only makes sense to Tekken fans.  I never cared for Xiaoyu before that movie, but they finally gave her a personality so she actually became likable.
DaftersUnite Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
I know, right!?
Jun is such a pain, so is Asuka, Nina, Anna, Hwoarang and Baek -like you said- and Eddy/Christie/Tiger in the wrong hands ._.

Eddy should crack a smile at least! 
In the Christie ending, you see him shake his head when Christie waved at him... Does that mean he doesn't want to look and talk to her, or does it mean he thought it was a vision in his mind; hallucinating?

Ah, good on you! :D I want to be in a Tekken Championship one day! Apparently there was a 13 year old male in the Global Grand Finals once... You watch, I'll be the first 13 year old female in the Global Grand Finals... All I need is to work on my tag combos (since I only have 1 ;-; )

The anime looked kinda crap.. (I love anime so that was sorta disappointing!) So I kinda laid off it.

I want to watch the live action movie, the Anna and Nina look kinda cool.
Is Leo in it?
Dr-InSean Featured By Owner May 31, 2014
Truth.  Another annoying habit you sometimes run (but thankfully far less often) into are people who spam Devil attacks.  I once fought a person who had me at the end of the screen and did nothing but shoot the standing laser beam over and over again.  Thankfully, Tekken lets you crouch and walk at the same time, but I lost that fight anyway.  Aside from spamming the laser beams, that guy was just too freaking good and I was frustrated fighting him long before any spamming took place.

I don't recall that ending.  It's weird, I think I have every TTT2 ending and I always watch a game's cutscenes, but I don't remember that one at all.  Maybe Eddy was shaking his head out of guilt?  A big rift has opened between him and Christie ever since their master took ill and Eddy joined the Tekken Zaibatsu to try to get a cure from Jin.  Maybe he saw her being young and innocent and either felt bad that he's been skulking around in conspiracies for so long or was just like, "Oh, that kid.  She has no idea what's in store for her."  Who knows with Eddy?

Shoot for those stars (my tournament was just a local game store, so I'm nowhere near said stars)!  Isn't it kinda funny how younger kids always seem to be the ones who excel at hyper-competitive games like fighters and shooters?  Granted, 13 probably doesn't seem so young to you, but I'm guessing the tournament winner was the youngest person there (or at least one of the youngest)?  Anywho, you definitely gotta work on those tag combos, heh heh.  I was pretty much the only player at my tournament that actually had tag combos to pull out and people were fairly surprised to see them.  Playing online, as I'm sure you know, you NEED tag combos if you wanna survive.  I can't imagine how hard it must be syncing up a good tag combo with a friend rather than playing both characters by yourself.

Yeah, you're not missing out on anything with the anime.  It's a real shame, but I guess not too surprising considering it was made pretty much out of the blue by a studio that probably doesn't exist anymore.

Unfortunately, Leo is not in the live action movie or the CGI movie.  The movies are VEEEEERY picky with who does and doesn't show up.  It's kinda weird that Steve played such a big role in the live action movie and Xiaoyu was the main character of the CGI movie.  I guess Tekken likes those characters more than I do.
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