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Hey Howdy,

Maiden-Chynna and I ouldn't let July end without getting one more post in for, not even a little bit.

If you head over to the Eurasia Gallery, you'll notice that not only do we have a new post from Chairman Mao Chynna, but we even have a little comic drawn by me, God-Emperor Sean!  You'll notice my art isn't as good quite like Chynna's, but it still shows off Gavin and Ai being, well, Gavin and Ai.  At the end of the day, isn't that all that really matters?

While I've got you on the horn, I'll let you in on another secret, a little business buzz, some insider trading (without the jail time).  Chynna has been amassing an army of doodles for some time that we're finally ready, willing and Gable to share with the world!  Starting next Wednesday, we'll be posting a new doodle/sketch/proof of beauty in the world onto  Posts will come once a week and stop when The Beat stops and, as we all know, The Beat goes on and The beat Goes on...Th-that means we're going to continue posting new pictures indefinitely.

While we will continue posting our art to dA via ThatsAGoodQuestion, that gallery will always be just a little bit behind's.  Shameless?  Manipulative?  Technically a pyramid scheme?  Yes, those are all true of us but, that's advertising for you.

Sean Taylor,
Ph.D, Carrot-and-Stickology

Hello, everyone!

A little while ago, I asked anyone who was willing to look over some character designs for a comic that Maiden-Chynna and I were working on.  Well, all of your feedback (and Chynna's unnatural ability to draw oodles of pictures) have paid off!  You can find the very first artwork of our new comic on our specially-designated dA account!

What's the account's name? ThatsAGoodQuestion.

Did you like that line?  I had to stay up all night thinking of it...You didn't like it, did you?

Um...Anyway, our new comic has the working title of Eurasia and it's about a knight and his adopted monk taking on missions from their Guild to protect the world from monsters, forces and legends from Medieval Europe and Ancient China.  We're talking ogres, goblins, vampires, lycanthropes, ghosts, jiangshi, zhen, demons and dragons from both sides of the board and whatever else our depraved minds feel like throwing at two well-meaning saps heroes.  If you're a fan of mythology and folklore, or just a fan of any fantasy you can find, I think you'll definitely like the monsters we dig up.  We do painstaking research on them to find out how they should look, fight and what kind of themes factor into their stories.  We also improvise a lot in these stories so that nothing ever feels like we copied it from Wikipedia, but it should definitely be a blast for any myth and folklore buffs out there.

Now that we know there's monsters aplenty, who's gonna be fighting them?

Gavin and Ai: Fighters of Rude People by ThatsAGoodQuestion

Sir Gavin is a member of The Guild, a highly-organized and spread-out group that takes requests from all over The Highlands and dispatches heroes to deal with them.  Gavin is a long-time member and highly trained and experienced in battle with just about every weapon you've ever seen a knight wield (and a few you haven't) and uses these skills and arsenal to help his fellow man...Though, for some reason, he's much more interested in books and penmanship techniques.  Like, doesn't he know he's a super-cool knight?  Why isn't he looting the caves of Tamrael and picking up chicks?  What is he, a nerd!?  NEEEEEEEEERD!

Ai is a survivor of the Bodhimonda Monastery.  She was stranded and living alone in The Highlands, far from her native Lung Kwok, until she was found by Gavin and taken under his wing.  Although not entirely used to Western culture and living, Ai enthusiastically uses her martial arts training to help Gavin in battle and shares her disturbing thorough knowledge of hand-to-hand fighting with anyone who will listen...or anyone who doesn't want to listen.  Really, she's like a kid who just started playing Pokemon; the only way to end the ceaseless chattering is to shove soap into her mouth or cut your ears off...or both, just to be safe...That's how parenting works, right?

Those of you who know my character Asuka (and especially those of you who started watching me because of Asuka) might take a liking to Ai, as she's essentially a human and trademark-friendly version of her.

We just started posting doodles and concept art for Eurasia onto our dA profile and our accounts on Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook; all of those usernames are TAGQComic.  If you want to see even more content, you can visit our gallery at our own website,  What does TAGQ stand for?  That's A Good Question...

We'll be posting even more Eurasia stuff on those sites as we continue to work on our first issue and you may even see a few of our other ideas come up along the way.  I hope you enjoyed this round of shameless advertising and that you'll enjoy what you see of Eurasia.

Sean Taylor
Ph.D, Shilling and Selling Out
Hey howdy!

It's still early in the process, but :devmaidenchynna: and I are making a comic.  We've put a lot of work into the story and the character designs, but we haven't had many people to get opinions from.

To that end, would anyone be willing to look over some pictures of our main characters and give some feedback on them?  It would help me out a lot and I'll be your best friend forever.
Hello, boys and girls!  It's been dynasty since I had a Journal to post, but I'm finally back...With a totally inane Journal.

I was bored and saw PandaSennin post a Journal about the worst movies and games they've experienced.  I've always fed off negativity (and I can't get to my X Box), so I thought I'd try my hand at this too.

Whereas Panda only did movies and games, I'm taking this up a notch or two--actually, exactly two notches...Here are in, no specific order, the Worst Movies, TV Shows, Comic Books and Video Games in the World!...If the world consisted only of my opinion...which it does.

You might be surprised by some of the names you see listed here...

(I know there's much worse content out there, but these are all only based on things I've seen or played a respectable enough to form an opinion on; almost everything was completed cover-to-cover.)

(I recognize that media can be a personal subject.  Although I say a lot of smart-assy things here, it's all just for comedic purposes and not meant to insult or discourage people for liking anything listed below.  I know all of these works had to do something right to get the praise they get.)


Considered by many to be Mankind's highest and most powerful form of artistic expression, movies hold a well-deserved place in many people's hearts...And trash cans.  These movies failed to live up to history of cinema and the licenses they adapted.

Man With The Iron Fists
American Psycho 2
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
X-Men (The FIRST one, not the third one.)
Fantastic 4 and Rise of the Silver Surfer (Didn't have the courage to see the reboot.)
Hulk (Not the Ed Norton one.)
Spider-Man 3
Resident Evil 2 (Only 2.)
Silent Hill 2 (Ditto.)
Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li

TV Shows

Although it's cool to say "I don't watch TV" these days, television has integrated itself into and reflected the human experience (at least in America) better than any other medium in the world...Unfortunately, "annoying douchebag" is also a part of the human experience and these shows dived into it head-first.

Sports (Nothing personal, just not my thing.)
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Family Guy
Rick and Morty
Teen Titans Go
Teen Titans (Surprised yet?)
Courage the Cowardly Dog (How about now?)
Cow and Chicken (Probably less surprising.)
Inuyasha (Actually a guilty pleasure.)
Attack on Titan
Sonic X (And I watched it anyway.)

Comic Books

My personal favorite medium.  Home to rich, long-lived characters.  Site of groundbreaking commentary.  Resting place of some crappy ideas.  These comics literally aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

Dwayne McDuffie's run on "Fantastic Four" (All due respect to a writer gone from us too soon and easily the best part of "Justice League Unlimited," but his run just didn't feel like the work of a great writer, especially his handling of Doctor Doom.)

New 52 Harley Quinn (I don't know how it's possible, but this series just BOOOORES me.)
Ghost Rider 0.1 (A very specific issue that kinda crapped on my favorite run of the character in a hasty fashion.)

New 52 Suicide Squad (Don't like the movie either.)

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Video Games

Although I can only be called a gamer by the LOOSEST of definitions, even a broken clock is right twice a day...Right?

Anywho, here's a bunch of games I don't like.

Sonic Unleashed
Street Fighter 2
Mortal Kombat 4
Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

I honestly wasn't trying to "troll" (or what have you) in the Games section, I just never clicked with these games...I also don't play many games, so I guess I haven't run into the kind of crap most true gamers are more familiar with...I legit like Sonic 2006, though.

Well, boys and girls, that's all for today.  Were you surprised, or was this all run of the mill for you?  Do you have any thoughts about my thoughts?  Any media that fills you with a righteous rage?  Comment about it all here; I'm a big enough loser to have time to read it all.

(Again, no offense to anyone who likes these works.  My opinions are real, but wording is all just fun and games.)

(Also, check out PandaSennin.  He's a very smart and well-read guy.  He frequently posts reviews, opinion pieces and observations of pop culture and the world.  Very smart and thorough in all of them.)
PandaSennin recently tagged me in a Journal.  I don't normally re-post Journals to my page, but Panda's helped me out in the past's been a LOOOOOONG time since I've updated my Journal.  Sorry to my other friends who have asked me to re-post Tag Journals; it's nothing personal, I just really don't like re-posting Tag Journals to my page and this one is a cosmic fluke of a coincidence.

X: Rules

1) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
2) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for your ten tags.
3) Choose ten people and put their icon in your journal.
4) Mention your friend's names or post their icon here so they'll know you tagged them.
5) NOT something like "you are tagged if you read that."
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7) No tag backs!
8) You can't say that you don't do tags.  Sure you can.  Do whatever you want, tagged or not.</span>
9) You MUST make a journal entry.  You can post your answers here as comments or not post your answers anywhere at all if you want.
10) Ignore the fact that most of these rules are repetitive or could be grouped under a single rule.</span>

XX: Facts About Me

1) Superheroes are my favorite genre of...anything.
2) I'm a lifelong wrestling fan, but find myself either surrounded by people who don't follow wrestling...or are far more fanatical about it than I am.
3) I've edited a few scripts and comics for a group called Pronto Comics.
4) I've written a few articles for a site called The Outer Haven.
5) I tend to only play video games that are based on characters/things I already know about.  There's a few exceptions to the rule here and there, but I'm largely a creature of habit.
6) I have no idea what Instagram or anything post-Twitter is or what they do.
7) I still like VHS.
8) My favorite Super Sentai series is Dairanger.  This was totally relevant and necessary to know.
9) Favorite Good Guy: Batman.
10) Favorite Bad Guy: Doctor Doom.

XXX: Panda's Questions

1) Favorite Cartoon: Batman: The Animated Series.
Least Favorite: Cow and Chicken and Rick and Morty.  Pretty much tied, but for totally different reasons.

2) Favorite Game Developer: Um...I'm not very knowledgeable of games...Netherrealm Studios?  They're the only ones I know of that are still working with the baby they created (and unlike Team Harada, they haven't turned their game into a Street Fighter clone).  I guess Rocksteady Studios is also up there for making the Arkham games.

3) Waifu: Harley Quinn...Or C.C., given Harley and Joker are...well, Harley and Joker.  C.C. is also over 100 years old and smarter than me, so I feel like that sidesteps any potential issues of her being too young.
Husbando: Batman...if he'll have me...and he won't.  Captain America would be #2, but he wouldn't have me either.

4) Tumblr Yay or Tumblr Die?: Hurm...I'm guessing Die at this point.  Even if it wasn't for all of their PC, CIS, "white people are evil" shit, I think the world would be a better place if we had one less social networking site.

5) Star Wars: Rebles: I can't work up the nerve to watch CG Clone Wars, so I haven't watched Rebels.  I'll probably stick with the movies and occasional video game.

6)Vampires or Werewolves?: Vampires have a wider range of abilities and can play a wider range of characters and they have all the wonderful interpretations of Count Dracula in their corner...but I always prefered werewolves.  Their cursed existence, struggles to remain decent people and the fact that they're normally under...outmatched by vampires always spoke to me.

7)What 80's/90's Cartoon/Show Should Platinum Games Adapt?: Hurm...I'm not familiar with Platinum Games' work, but I'm gonna say G.I. Joe.  That show needs more love, especially since Hasbro doesn't have much interest in loving it outside of comic books.

8)Resident Evil or Silent Hill?: Oof...That's a tough one.  The ongoing narrative and wide library of characters (including Albert "The Best Character" Wesker) of Resident Evil, or the haunting atmosphere, disturbing psychological analyses and horrifying imagination of Silent Hill?  I think RE is more fun, but SH is a more compelling story.

9)Reboot a Franchise: Rebooted?  Hurm...Maybe the idea that the Halloween movies were going to be an anthology rather than a single series all about Michael Myers.  Or maybe some TV shows that didn't get a chance to finish themselves like Clone High, Clerks: The Animated Series or Invader Zim.  Or maybe The Question the way Dennis O'Neil saw the character, not a magical faceless man who's thousands of years old or the Super Hero Registration Act interpretation of The Thunderbolts (but with less overtly evil characters and different circumstances to still let Marvel rip off Suicide Squad but have it make sense in today's landscape).

10) You forgot a Tenth Question, so I'll just say my favorite action movie star is Jason Statham.

XXXX: Questions For You Gullible Bastards My Friends

1) Do You Cook?
2) How Do You Feel About Hating Games/Shows/Movies/Books/Etc Solely Because of Their Hype/Popularity?
3) Favorite Mythological Animal/Monster/Spirit (not including gods)?
4) To Be or Not To Be?
5) Favorite TV Show That A Lot of People Scoff At?
6) Favorite Historical Quote or Song Lyric?
7) What Pet(s) Do You Own?  If You Don't Own Any, What Kind Would You Like to Own?
8) Favorite Justice League Member?
9) Who is a Character You Really Like from a Series You Don't Really Follow?
10) Favorite Fighting Style (whether you practice it or not; whether it's real or fictional)?

XXXXX: Gullible Bastards Tagged Friends


...Hell, why stop there?


And anybody else reading this.  If you want in on this game, get in on this game!  If you don't want in on this game (even if you're tagged), then stay out of this game!  Do whatever you want!
Do you have money in your pocket but wish you could transmogrify into something useful like beautiful artwork?  Well, don't bother with transmutation circles or experimental serums or even selling your soul to various dark lords, 'cause there's a much easier (and less dorky) way to do it!

jackofalltrades0097 is doing a sketch sale!  You have an idea?  She'll sketch it out for you and for low, low prices.  How low?  Try Full-Body for just $6.00.  The only catch is that she won't be able to show you her progress as she goes along and ask if you want any changes; once it's drawn, it's drawn and that's what you get.  Of course, this doesn't mean she won't be putting effort into her work, it just means that that the more references and instructions you give her, the better.


<da:thumb id="348741505"/>     <da:thumb id="458675672"/>     <da:thumb id="527901498"/>      <da:thumb id="450214756"/>      <da:thumb id="196615108"/>

Interested?  Curious?  Just a mindless sheep that will go with whatever popular thing is in front of you?  Then then check out her CRAAAAAAZY SKETCH SALE!

Paypal exchanges only.  Ask your doctor first if jackofalltrades0097 is right for you.  If you notice changes in your mood or increased frequency going to the bathroom, lock yourself away in an port-a-potty so people don't have to put up with you mood swings.
This is a bit of an odd update coming from me, as it has nothing to do with my usual Thing Studios productions (Although, Superburbs is moving smoothly and has wonderful art from DiegoOruga and Maiden-Chynna).  Instead, today's update concerns my recent fanfictions, Cosmo Finds Tails and Cosmo Meets Tails' Family, which a few of my fans seem to be Watching me for.


Aside from that link, you can find "Cosmo Finds Tails" under the Fan Works section of TV Tropes.  If you enjoy the story, head on over and take a look.  I've got some Tropes up there and even a YMMV page (though it only has two tropes).

If you like my stories and you like TV Tropes, then I'd love to see if you can suggest some tropes I may have missed.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the TV Tropes as much as I enjoyed making it.

Cosmo Finds Tails by Dr-InSean            Cosmo Meets Tails' Family by Dr-InSean

Cosmo Finds Tails                      Cosmo Meets Tails' Family

PS- Oh crap!  I actually forgot today was Easter!  Happy Easter and Passover to everyone who celebrates them.
            August O'Neil by Dr-InSean

Woof.  It's sure been a while, hasn't it? Well, let's hope the rest of 2015 is a little more happening than the first two months were.

Anywho, we've got up dates for ya!  The first is a brand new video series.  Technical Masterpiece Theatre is a talk show about wrestling topics.  Watch two d-bags go off-topic, make crap up and use crude Photoshop for your torture enjoyment!  Yeah, go with that last one.

The second update is a new character to the Supberbubs roster.  Say hello to Detective August O'Neil...Well, he's not so much a detective as much an intern...and not so much an intern as much an ulcer.  It's not easy being his supervisor...

Sean Taylor
Ph.D, Not Having Funny Idea for a Ph.D Right Now

Whoops!  Forgot to post this one sooner; sorry about that.  Anywho...

Another day, another critic.  If you wanna see me choke on chocolate milk, this is the video for you.  Also keep you eyes open for a little clue on another series I'm working on...Provided I cattle-prod my ass into actually working on it of course.

Special Thanks: To all the other critics out there. Without you guys making online reviews a popular genre, there would be no Day Critic...which I guess means everyone BUT me will hold it against you...Sorry.
He took an unexpected hiatus, but the Day Critic has made his triumphant return!...Now let's hope he sticks around.

I'd like to thank Maiden-Chynna, jackcrowder and NeonMantisShrimp420 for being loyal fans.  Your continued interest in the Critic motivated me to get back on the horse with this series.
To anyone brave enough to call themselves a fan of "The Day Critic," I apologize that I won't be putting out an episode for today (not even at midnight like I normally do).  I only got the idea for today's episode late last night, it's actually a doozy this time, I got practically no time to write out my ideas at work and there was important correspondence to attend to for my comic book afterward.

This week probably won't have one episode per day like when I started last week because I imagine this episode might actually require post production work and will probably take much longer to film than the previous episodes did.  This is kind of a special episode to me though, so I hope to make the wait worth your while.

I hope this next episode will be Marvelous.
Always a day late but never a day lacking (whatever that means), it's Day Critic!

Why's he scared?  It's Friday the freaking 13th, that's why!  What horrors lurk in the shadows?  Will the Critic survive?  Does he ever change that robe!?  Some or none of these answers and more await!

In the meantime, even a Day Critic needs a day (or two) off.  He'll be back to doing what he does best (mostly bitching and moaning) on Monday the 16th.

Sean Taylor
Ph.D, Posting Videos a Day Late
Another day, another critique.  The next episode of Thing Studios' new series can be found here...

You can also find it on and Facebook.

But wait, THERE'S MORE!  Typing "Day Critic" into Youtube's searchbar will get you results that look roughly like this:

Up There with Nostalgia Critic... by Dr-InSean

I'm neck-and-neck with The Nostalgia Critic!?  Of course...typing in my name makes him come up first.  Whatever, I'm still celebrating!

Sean Taylor
Ph.D, Self Back-Patting
Hellooooooooooooo, DEVIANTART!

...That was unnecessarily loud.  Anywho, Thing Studios proudly presents a new video, Day Critic!

You've seen movie critics, comics critics and even genre critics.  Now, there's a critic brazen enough to review an ENTIRE DAY!

We hope to make this an ongoing series, so please don't burn the film...right away.

Sean Taylor
Ph.D, :iconraritywhineplz:
Hello world!

It's been a very long time but is finally up and running again!

I won't bore you with the details, just the sweet new features.

- Clean and Smooth: Now that the site is made with legitimate web design software, the links work faster and the pages load cleaner.
- More Content: Apocrypha and Superburbs have bonus content not found in their comics (well...Superburbs doesn't have a comic yet, but it does have more bonuses strangely enough).  There's also a "Prose and Poetry" section for...prose and poetry.  Against my better judgment, I uploaded Pokemon: Traurig Version.  Whether or not it stays up there depends on whether or not I get any crap from Nintendo...I should probably stop drawing attention to this; what Nintendon't know Nintendwon't hurt them.
- Comments: Every upload allows visitors to comment now!  No site is complete without user comments; now, Thing Studios is complete.  Feel free to comment here about how much you like comments!

However, in this great future, you can't forget drawbacks.

- The wallpaper for the site isn't working yet.  I hope to have it fixed shortly.
- The Prose and Poetry uploads couldn't be posted to the site directly.  To read them, you have to download their files.  I'm working on fixing that too.
- Given that the site proper now has comments, I've discontinued the forum board.  Then again, nobody but the spam bots knew that place existed, so no harm, no foul.

One last note is that a new character was added to Superburbs: August O'Neil.  Check 'im out while he's new before deviantART gets the hand-me-down model (note: there's no difference between the models).

I hope you enjoy the new site, or at least just don't hate it.

Sean Taylor
Ph.D, Arts and Crafts
Do you like pictures but don't know how to draw them yourself?  Well, I have just the solution for you; just sit back and take a gander at some artists right here on dA who would love draw for you.


First up is The-LOVELY-Gamer.  I met her when I was looking to spend points but didn't know what to spend them on.  She offers several options like "Full-Body," "Medium Shot," all with or without color.  Best of all, she is VEEEERY flexible with her work.  If something is not to your liking, she will gladly go back and change it at no extra cost.

For example, the first draft of the picture she gave me looked like this: ...

But when I pointed out two errors, she was willing to practically draw the whole thing over again and gave me this:  UPDATED! Commission for Dr-InSean by The-LOVELY-Gamer


Michie by The-LOVELY-Gamer    Another Devon Fanservice~ by The-LOVELY-Gamer    OOC: Love Wonder by The-LOVELY-Gamer


Anyone who has been following me knows I can't speak two sentences without dropping Maiden-Chynna's name at some point.  Kanna is a long-time professional artist who has worked on images for series like David Randall's Clovermead, various tales of Accurate Comics Online and her own series, Maho Shojo Robotto Daft Punk and That's a Good Question (as well as my own series, Superburbs, shameless self-plug).

Aside from her professional experience, Kanna is very easy to get a hold of and always willing to field questions and comments on anything you have her working on.


For a limited time only, Kanna is offering commissions at a low price (prices are negotiable with Kanna).  Shoot her a request now and she'll give you a price estimate.

Mire Manor by Maiden-Chynna    Forbidden Friend Fish by Maiden-Chynna    Group- Accurate Comics Online by Maiden-Chynna


I haven't actually gotten a commission back from him yet, but I couldn't pass up the chance to tell you about jackcrowder.  Even if you never get a single piece from him, he's worth watching for the conversations alone!  He's very well read, so he has a great sense of humor and he ALWAYS has something meaningful to write in his Journals, picture comments or even his responses to random people on his pages.  Seriously, even his commission prices are an engaging read with a subtle but powerful humor and great ability to paint scenes with just his words.

Aside from those magical words, however, is his art style.  A unique mixture of pop culture energy with high culture inspirations, he can take a gruff guy like Wolverine and make it look like something out of The Renaissance.  Best of all, he offers a very wide library of picture options (full-body, bust shot, close-up, etc) and ALWAYS allows his Watchers to vote on what discounts to give out on a weekly basis.

BUT WAIT...We did this gag...

But yeah, there's one more feature.  When you go with Jack, you get everything you see here, PLUS, up to 3 characters at no extra cost!  That means you can get that scene of Doctor Who drinking tea with Twilight Sparkle while Spider-Man taps on the glass and asks why he can't come in, without paying a penny more than a single-person scene!

Doc Brown and Marty McFly by jackcrowder    Skeletor Keldor portrait by jackcrowder    Eleven and Clara Oswin by jackcrowder


Last, but not least, is ElyasArts.  I've only worked with Elyas once, but it was simplicity in its, er, simplest form.  He's been drawing his own comics for years, so he doesn't need a lot of guidance to get the job done.  Just a simple reference or a short outline and he'll more than likely knock the ball out of the park...and out of the city.  He's also pretty quick to work, so you won't be waiting long to see your ideas come to life.

His prices are reasonable, but his skill is phenomenal.  If you like action-packed scenes or anime, this is the guy for you.  One last thing about Elyas is that he was cool enough to let me feature the piece I commissioned from him in my own gallery...which is now the most popular piece in said gallery.  I didn't even have to ask him permission to post it, he just up and said I could.  Awesome.

K.O. by Elyas11 by Dr-InSean    Future Android 18- by ElyasArts    Commission: Kirmyu by ElyasArts


Just kidding, there's one more.  And what a doozy this one is.

I only worked with Kros2692 once, but it was one Hell of a work!  Like any of the other artists here, he is great at listening to your needs and wants for your picture and translates them perfectly to the page.  He is also pretty quick to work, considering the amount of detail he puts into every one of his pieces is always easy to get a hold of if you need to tell him something.  When he drew my original character, he was also okay with me posting her into my gallery as well as him posting into his own.  Very laid back and easy to work with.

I can't speak for all of his pieces but my commission....cost $20.  Let me rephrase...

Commission: Princess Drill Hands by Kros2692  <--- That?  Cost $20.

Never has anything so realistic been so affordable.

Barbarian Warrior by Kros2692    Asuka Kazama by Kros2692    Misty by Kros2692

There's some great artists for ya.  If you have a character or a scene that you just can't get onto paper, these guys will hook you up.  Happy hunting.

Ph.D. Not Proofreading Things he Writes
I'm not sure how many of my <sarcasm>MAAAAAAANY</sarcasm> watchers grew up with Toonami back in the 90's, but they made a potentially huge announcement today.

Back in the day, Toonami hosted a TV event called "The Intruder."  Fellow Toonami faithful will remember this as the first ever story-based event to happen to a programming block TV.  Sound strange?  Not as strange as it was AWESOME to have a programming block actually have characters and a storyline going on.  I never actually got to see this even back then, but the stakes were so high!  You think it'd be hard to get into a story that only takes place in the span of a commercial bump and features a CG robot who hosts a cable show on his spaceship, but this story was DARK!

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can check out this entire story here and there on Youtube.  Here's the entire series in one video.

The trip down memory lane is nice, but why am I talking about all this?  Believe it or not, the newly-revived Toonami is gearing up to do a SECOND Intruder story.  Now that they're on [adult swim], you know they can get away with a lot more action and dark!  The catch, however, is that the event is only as big as the hype Toonami fans can generate for it.  To that end, fans have been asked to reblog it on Tumblr, post it on Facebook, do something or other on Instagram and do some other myriad of things on sites I never go to.  They're looking to spread #intruder2 as far and wide as they can.

Anyone who's a fan of Toonami fan (or sympathetic towards Toonami fans) should spread the word however they can.  Post a Journal here?  Talk about it on Facebook?  Write a message on a brick and through it through a window?  Go for it!...Okay, maybe not that brick thing (bricks are expensive).

More Intel……
And sadly, it wasn't by a dashing art thief jumping out of windows while swilling martinis.  ArtistAbe, a talented and friendly artist who let me snag a Harley Quinn poster for a few bucks shy of his price when I was short on cash, has found some of his artwork being sold on phone cases on Etsy Shop, naturally without his permission.

Considering we're all on a site dedicated to art, I don't have to explain why that sucks.  ArtistAbe asks that you DO NOT support whatever unofficial distributor is selling his artwork but if you wanna hear it straight from the horse's mouth, here's his journal explaining the situation, (However, this shouldn't be taken as an invitation to go kicking down doors and trying to catch crooks either...Disclaimer).

While you're at it, why not check out his whole gallery?  If you like fun and the joy of life, he's got you covered.  If not, then you're probably the guy selling his stuff without his permission.

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EDIT: Christopher Jones, one of DC Comics' artists, got a pic of me at Comic Con in my cosplay and posted it to his Facebook.  Have a link:… .

A tad late to be doing a Comic Con follow-up, I know, but I'm still much timelier than I was writing about last year's.

As anyone reading this already knows, Oct. 10th-13th was New York Comic Con 2013 and I was on it like limbs on a leper...Wait.

I was excited about going ever since last year and the Con didn't fail to impress this year.  It had a few downs, but it was mostly ups.

The Downs

- Marvel's panel, Cup O' Joe, really didn't impress.  I've been a die-hard fan of the House of Ideas since I was a wee lad in the 90's, but even I can't defend this one.  For those who've never attended one of these panels, Marvel's former editor-in-chief, Joe Quesada, and a few other creators at Marvel give you a little presentation on what Marvel's got cooking.  While news that George Romero is working on a comic with Marvel was well-received, they really didn't tell you ANYTHING ELSE.

Want some info on this live performance Marvel's putting on?  They roll a 30-second clip that amounts to "I'm the stunt coordinator for Marvel Live.  Look at some artwork of characters you've already seen."  Joe says they have an exclusive clip of the show!?  More like 30 seconds of "There's an artifact!  Evil people want it!  Good people want to protect it!  We have no footage to show you!"…

Of course, Joe and the others always take a Q&A during the panel and they had some pretty good answers for people who wanted to talk to Romero or had questions about breaking into comics.  If you wanted to know what movies they were working on or if they had any plans for the comics though, Joe's blanket answer was, "You'll have to watch/read to find out."

Considering DC had a panel immediately after Marvel where they showed you what they're releasing next month, this was really a poor show for Marvel.  To top it all off, unlike last year, I didn't even get a Rocket Raccoon button.  Wah.

- I had to skip a few panels or come in to others late...But that's nobody's fault but mine.  All worked out anyway, considering there were so many great costumes to see.

The Ups

- DC's panel was pretty cool.  Never heard of their series Earth 2, but I actually wanna look into it now.

- Saw a Darkhorse panel.  They're working on a few stories that really caught my attention.  I can't remember most of their names, but here's a few:

Grindhouse is a throwback to the grittier days of comics with gratuitous violence.  The writer shamelessly admitted that "It's the comic your parents told you not to read."

Veil is about an amnesiac woman who seems to be at the middle of a dark conspiracy that involves plenty of people dying in "horrible, horrible" ways.  I really can't do it justice right now, but the "dying in horrible ways" sounded awesome.

Lastly but not leastly, they're adapting Edgar Allen Po's The Raven and Masque of the Red Death.  I can't wait for those.

Darkhorse panel was also very funny.  I don't read anything by them, but it was good to expand my mind.

- Marvel had another panel specifically geared towards helping people understand the business and how to get started working on comics.  It was very helpful and, unlike Cup O' Joe, they actually told you stuff!  Gasp!

- They premiered the English dub of Evangelion 3.33 on the 11th.  Some movies you get excited for and they disappoint you.  Some movies you get excited for and they meet your expectations.  Some movies you get excited for and they surpass your hopes and dreams...And then there's Evangelion 3.33.  I was excited to see this movie ever since I saw 2.22 in May, and this thing still blew me away!  The most action-packed anime I've ever seen and all of the characters kick so much ass (as a story and, of course, literally)!  After the movie, they recorded peoples' reactions for the DVD.  Hopefully my bit makes it on there (albeit, I had to cut it short since the convention center was looking to close down for the night when my turn came).

- THE COSTUMES!  Of course, that goes without saying.

I spent the better part of the year working on my costume of The Shocker from Spider-Man and it got great reactions.  As an added bonus, I was the only Shocker at the Con and the first one most people there ever saw!  Living up to Shocker's reputation as one of Spidey's lowest-ranking villains, I got a lot of pics of super heroes punching me out.  I'll prolly upload them as a collage or something.

All of the costumes were great, but special mention goes to this giant freaking robot:


I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a few of the artists I rand into a Artist Alley this year.

- At the top of my list is Mark Texeira.  Mark Texeira is an artist who specializes in painting rather than traditional pencils and inks.  I came to know him through his work on Ghost Rider in the mid-to-late 2000's and he was the first artist I was actually disappointed to see leave a comic (given how much he loves Ghost Rider, I don't think it was by choice).  Mark's a funny guy and always talks to his customers when they swing by; he, another guy and I even got into a bit about how you could smuggle beer into Comic Con by pretending to cosplay a Public Drunk and calling your public urination a "performance art" (that was my line).  He also signed a few of my favorite issues of Ghost Rider for a low, low price and posed for a picture with them for free!  He really misses drawing for Ghost Rider...I should start a petition to get him back on the book.

Mark also has a Kickstarter for an indie comic he and Ricardo Sanchez are working on.  Check out the Kickstarter here:

- Christopher Jones, the current artist for the Young Justice comic, was taking pics of passersby cosplayers to post to his Facebook and my Shocker was one of them!  I haven't been able to "Like" him or look through his pictures yet, but here's his page: .  While I didn't buy anything from him, I DID finally make a Facebook so I could tag myself on his gallery, something I've been avoiding ever since the creation of Facebook.

- LivioRamondelli, better known as Livio Ramondelli, is the current artist for IDW's Transformers: Monstrosity and its upcoming sequel, Primacy.  His artwork has been impressing me since I first saw it and he was very approachable at the Con; he even let me get a photo of him!  While I was there, I bought a kick-ass poster of Soundwave from him.

Soundwave-colored by LivioRamondelli

- Vinnie Tartamella (VinRoc) is another artist who caught my eye last year and this year.  What REALLY made his table stand out this year though was what his friends did for me.  After I bought some posters from him, I couldn't find my wallet.  I walked all up and down Artist Alley before it dawned on me to check the last table I was at.  When I finally found his table again, his friends were guarding my wallet!  My wallet has the Punisher Skull and they saw a Punisher walk by and almost thought it was his, but they held onto it long enough for me to reclaim it.  Vinroc and his crew are bros and a half.

DC Girls Poker Night by VinRoc

Spiderman NY by VinRoc

- Abraham Lopez (ArtistAbe) has a very fun and energetic style that fits characters like Harley Quinn like a glove.  Naturally, I wanted to snag one of his posters before I left Comic Con on my last day.  Unfortunately, I was a few bucks short.  When he heard I wasn't gonna be at the Con the next day, he thought about it and eventually sold it to me for a few bucks short of his price.  I was very happy to land one his Harleys, so that made my night.  Abraham Lopez is also a bro and a half.

Ha Ha It Is To Laugh by ArtistAbe

Wrapping Up

I've been typing longer than anyone's been reading, so I'll close by saying that NYCC was a blast.  Can't wait for next year.  As far as my cosplay goes, I think next year's gonna be The Year of the Pyg, for you DC fans who catch my drift.

Look for me to upload a crap-ton of pics of me in costume over the next few days.  If you see yourself or your friends in any of them, let me know!

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Hello deviantART!  Long time, no post, am I right?  Well, enough pointless formalities, let's get to the point.

:iconsmurfboy21: is a theatre actor, director and play-write coming out of highschool and looking to broader horizons for his experience in the performing arts.  When he isn't busy kicking ass and taking names, he writes his own screenplays and that's what I wanna talk about today...or however long this Journal post stays on my front page.

The story is Where's My Sister? and it's about a mercenary named Miguel.  While his youth and experience give him an edge, he has a serious handicap: a young sister named Serenity, who he raises on his own.  Sadly, in the world of organized crime and assassinations, every handicap is exploited sooner or later...


Miguel: (Miguel Kneels) Seren. I am working for you and mom. That's it. Not for myself or for anyone else. Just for the two of you. I wish there was another way. I love you baby girl. I will always be here for you. (Miguel kisses her on the cheek.)

Serenity: (She hugs him.) I love you more.

Miguel:Come on let's go.

(They walk outside.)

(Fade to Black)

(Transition to outside of the house. They have Styrofoam cups. Miguel takes a swig out his cup. He is carrying the bag from best buy.)

Serenity: Thanks for the chicken, Miguel.

Miguel:Anytime. (walks toward house.) I am going to get a basketball.

Serenity:I just ate! I am going to read for a little bit.

Miguel: Ugh. Alright! (He laughs.)

(A truck pulls up! Few guys come out and start shooting up the house. Serenity screams! She hides behind a chair! One guy picks her up. Miguel shows up at the door, he has his rifle and he shoots a few guys down. The trucks peel out, as they leave one of the guys in the bed chunks a flash grenade! We see Miguel cover his ears, jump to the ground, close his eyes! Everything goes to white...)


Cartel leader Oscar Ecamilla has ordered Serenity's kidnapping to secure Miguel's services for a special job.  This job is to strong-arm a miracle cure from scientist Randy Ortiz for Escamilla's dying daughter, Rebecca.  With Rebecca fading by the minute, Miguel will have to make some hard decisions and work fast if he ever wants to see Serenity again.

Can he face these decisions?  Can he survive the horrors to come?  Can you tackle the full script:… ?

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